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Welcome to the UKRS Links pages - UK related diving links.

We have over 950 links to predominately UK related diving resources on these pages. The pages are regularly updated as people email us links and post them to the group, just let the Links monkey know if you think we are missing a connection or two.
(but no HTML mail please, it annoys my spam/virus traps no end.)

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Notes For Webmasters

This site, its links pages and the UKRS news group are non-commercial hobby undertakings provided as a service for UK based divers. As a news group our charter is quite relaxed in that we do not ban commercial posts. If you are a UK based individual, club or commercial organisation that has a website related to UK diving or provides diving services in the UK, then you are more than welcome to a link on these pages. Just post me the URL.

Please note that this is the web site of uk.rec.scuba, if you send me links for non-uk sites then it is not really my editorial choice to include them - a URL for a Florida dive shop is unlikely to be of much interest, a link to a German site describing how to build a dive light might be. In short, it has to be of immediate interest to a UK diver. I used to carry a few international travel links but not now and definitely no clothing only sites other than dive suits. The links on this page are regularly verified, if you change your web address please let me know and I'll fix it. Links that fail verification will be marked as such and removed sometime after.

A note about sites for clubs, shops and other organisations

  1. Say where you are. Your home page should at least give a county as a rough geographical guide for divers viewing your site. I try to clasify clubs and shops by geography.
  2. Name your pages with a <title> tag. This is what any user who bookmarks your site will find it saved as, the number of links called 'home page', 'index' or 'insert your title here' I see is truly silly.
  3. On a personal note: I'm getting old and my attention span is short. If you have a wonderful Flash intro and jolly background music I may never make it far enough to discover you have a diving related site so you won't get listed. Similarly a pointer to a site saying under-construction wastes my time rather than saving it. I have a black list for people who really annoy me - like anybody we catch pinching addresses from the newsgroup posts to spam us.
  4. If you feel that you require to carry the sort of advertising that pops up windows on my PC selling non-diving items I find it very annoying. You are going to have to be offering something really special for UK divers for me to bother to list you after that.
  5. DO NOT SEND ME HTML EMAIL. My spam filters will probably just decide you are trying to sell me stuff I don't want to buy and trash it. They junk thousands of mails a day on the domains hosted here. Plain text email is standard and works, rich text is a stupid idea and doesn't, 32bit text never gets to me. If you are not sure what you are set to: on Outlook Express take the Format menu option and check Plain Text.

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