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Diving medicine 10 Links
Rebreathers 16 Links
Photography 22 Links
Diving software and dive computers 40 Links
Technical topics 42 Links
   Diving medicine
CDC Travelers' Health (US gov. travelers advice)
DAN's medica; FAQ - very good
DDRC - The Hyperbaric Medical Centre
e-med Diving Medical support (Dr Julian Eden - Medical columnist in Sports Diver)
Grampian University Hospitals Hyperbaric Medicine Unit
Scuba-Doc (Diving Medicine Online)
STORM - non-decompression diving injuries (Research Project)
UK Sport Diving Medical Committee (Who appoints a Medical referee? These people)
Pro children diving article
Anti children diving article
Australian Amateur Rebreather Group
Comercial, Ex-mil and homebuilds
Descriptions and Explanations (Bishop Museum of Honolulu)
Diver Mole Inspiration site
Got an OC buddy? (Buddying a Rebreather Diver)
GRP Services (Custom parts eg: detachable lungs mod for an Insperation)
Inspiration goodies
Jan Bech's excellent rebreather links list (in Dutch admitedly)
Karl's Rebreather and Technical Page (Parts and sensor kits) (Bob Howell makes rebreathers and accessories)
The Official APD Inspiration manual
The Rebreather web site
Trigene (Reputed to be the active ingredient in good counterlung cleaners)
A pocket barometer for setting up (For the rebreather user who has everything)
Drager Manuals and other documents
  UK suppliers
Cameras Underwater - Exmouth (Ikelite, Nikonos, Sea&Sea, EwaMarine, Gates, Light & Motion, Nimar, Oceanhaus, Sony)
Cytechnica (Digital, Film & Underwater camera rental)
dBs (Pelican cases)
FEP - Midlands (Light and Motion underwater video, lighting and digital still products and International Service Centre)
Ocean Optics - Central London (Subal and Nikonos)
Greenaway Marine (Manufacturers of Seapro Underwater Video Housings)
Birchley Products (Manufacturers of video housings and lights, custom housings and torches)
Aquapics (Underwater Housing For Digital Cameras)
  International suppliers
Light and Motion
Gates Housings
AquaVideo Underwater Video Systems
UnderSea Video Housings
Ocean Images Inc (Underwater video camera housings)
  Other photography links
Splashcam (Underwater Video Cameras (cable))
Underwater (UK branch of a US-based information and sales service)
Underwater Photography (a web magazine from Ocean Optics)
Video University underwater video forum
MarScuba underwater digital photography page
Wet Pixel News underwater digital photography bulletins etc
   Diving software and dive computers
  General software
Belfield Tide Plotter
Dive Data (Dive Club Management - British!)
Dive log for Aladin -> Windows CE/Pocket PC (by Chris Jackson)
Dive Software Links (by Oregon Scuba)
EasyTide worldwide tide plotter (HMG's tide planner - a bit restricted)
Palm Computing Software (Dive Log etc.)
Psion Nautical Software
ReefNet Software (Dive Log and Fish ID Software)
Sharkpoint (Dive log software)
Tide-Current Predictor
WXTide32 (Tides and Currents for Win95/NT)
  Dive table software
Dive Tables Educational Software
Free Dive Table Software
Free Dive Table Software (
Downloadable Dive Tables (Spanish Site)
H-Planner Freeware VPM-B software
  Diving computers general
HS Explorer Model M (Nitrox/Trimix)
Suunto Battery Replacement (Dave Cordes)
Suunto Dive Computers (Official Site)
Unofficial Mares Guardian page (Home made interfaces)
Uwatec (Aladin Dive Computer - Official Site)
VR3 (Multiple mixed gas computer)
  Dive computer software and interfaces
Aladin Dive Talk Software (Third Party Aladin Software)
Aladin direct and Memomouse transfer protocols
Damien Douxchamps Aladin interface (By an expert!)
Dive Computer Interfaces (Mares and others)
DiveComputer for the PalmPilot (Sunto)
Diving Log (Download/import and log for Windows and PPC)
Gregory Gulik's Diving Computer Software Comparison
Jplan by Tony Jay (A free decompression simulator for the Palm)
Matthias Heinrichs (Aladin Interface - VERY detailed!)
Matthias Online (Aladin Interfaces [n.b. different Matthias])
S5Dive : The Psion Divers Site (Aladin Interface and Other)
Sebastian Schlenstedt's Aladin PC-Interface
Suunto Interface (Diagrams from Dave Cordes)
Taucher's Bastelstube (Suunto Interface)
Thomas Enzinger's (Aladin Interface)
Thomas Temesvari (WLog Aladin Software [German])
Tom's Dive Page (Aladin and other interfaces)
DIY PC-Interface for Suunto Vyper (with full construction notes)
   Technical topics
  Decompression theory
Abyss Technical Articles
DDPLAN Reference (A collection of technical papers to FTP)
Deep Decompression Stops (by Richard Pyle)
Diving and Decompression (Streit's Scuba Diving Resources)
GAP - Gas Absorption Program Deco Theory
IWR by Richard Pyle (Bishops Museum Site)
The FTP documents site of the decompression mailing list (document archive of the decompression mailing list)
Examples of many different decompression tables
  Decompression software
Bubble Decompression Strategies (by Eric Maiken)
DDPLAN (The Drogon Dive Planner by Gordon Henderson)
DecoWeenie (Deco program for Palm OS)
Deco software for SymbianOS phones and PDAs (By Greg Roach)
GAP - Gas Absorption Program
HLPlanner (FREE VPM-B mixed gas deco software)
JPLAN (Decompression simulator for the Palm)
Multilevel 1.6 (Java Deco Program)
XS for Windows
  General technical stuff
Airspeed Press (Oxygen Hackers Handbook/Self service on Regs)
Baltic Sea Tech Divers
Blending Spreadsheets (by Claus Thybo)
Build your own Aqualung - Circa 1955
Cave Diving Group
Cave Diving in Germany
Comparing UK and US SCUBA Tank Sizes
DIY Oxygen Analyser (by Dave Cordes)
DIY Oxygen Analyser (by Keith Sabine)
Oxycheq - DIY Oxygen Analyser parts (In the USA but ships to the UK)
DIY P-weight (cast in the channel of a backplate)
Extreme Exposure Dive Gear
Farrworld (Martyn Farr's Cave Diving Training - Wales)
GAS Diving-UK (Excellent kit config pages)
Gas Laws and SCUBA Diving (The truth about pressure and volume by Dr. A. Allan)
Global Underwater Explorers
Jeff Bentley Cave Diving Page
Jim Cobb's Trimix pages
Mixing Nitrox/Trimix to 300 bar (Includes Windows and iPAQ programs) (Nitrox and trimix)
Technical Papers (from The American Dive Center)
Building a harness for a backplate
Woodville Karst Plain Project