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How do I become a diver?

OK, First Up - Either as a newsgroup or as a club, we will NOT teach you how to dive!

Scuba Diving is one of those sports that is as dangerous as YOU want to make it, with the proper training it is a sport that is enjoyed safely by thousands upon thousands of people within the UK alone and many, many more worldwide. To be able to safely dive you MUST receive proper training from a recognised source, these pages are designed to assist potential divers and existing divers in their choice of diver training.

Diving is a sport where training and experience are very important, we also 'reverse' a few of those old sayings -

  • What goes down must come up!
  • What you don't know can hurt you, in fact it can kill you.

Training, experience and knowledge can mean the difference between one of those nice trip reports you will find on the group and within this site - and a wheelchair or a coffin. So please, take the information here in the spirit that it was intended - as a guide to diver training not as a substitute for. Get trained and get experience, that way you will enjoy many years of safe diving.

Our main FAQ now includes several questions relating to diver training, read that first. The articles below expand on some of the points coverred in the FAQ.

Jargon Buster     What the hell is a EANX50 mix in a 3L deco stage?
Which Agency?     An explanation of the different options for learning to dive.
BSAC Club Diver     The theory and pool work behind Club Diver training.
My First Dive     From the Lincoln BSAC Club Magazine - by Jean Fallon
My First Breath Underwater     "Try Dive" in a swimming pool - by Chris Brown


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Has your club or personal site got any similar content on it? Do you have any personal experiences you would like to share? If so then please tell me about it so that I can expand this page with links and articles that will be of interest to all UK divers. Email the webmasters with you contributions.