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A collection of articles, write-ups and collated postings from the newsgroup to do with equipment and other issues that we discuss alot on the group.

Highlights include Keith's DIN vs Yoke and DSMB articles, and Simon N-K's infamous Vyper profile from Dorothea.

Rebreathers A group rebuttal of GI3's "Buddy Inspiration or Expiration?" article (collated by Dominic Humphries)
Harness Rigging Examples of how to rig a harness, non-DIR with attitude.
The UKRS Torch Link to Mike Pratt's pages on the UKRS Torch.
Seasickness? A compilation of UKRS postings
(collated by Derek Dear)
DIN vs Yoke A detailed explanation of the different regulator fittings by Keith Lawrence.
DIN valves DIN valve identification with most of the varieties.
The Suunto Vyper The infamous profile generated by Simon North-Keeling's Vyper at Dorothea.
Nitrox A short article by Keith Lawrence
Drysuits A compilation of UKRS postings
(collated by Derek Dear)
Buoyancy Suit or BCD? A compilation of UKRS postings
(collated by Derek Dear)
Dive Computers Which one? A compilation of UKRS postings
(collated by Derek Dear)
DSMB Stowage How to? Pictures and a compilation of UKRS postings (collated by Keith Lawrence)

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Has your club or personal site got any similar content on it? Do you have any personal experiences you would like to share? If so then please tell me about it so that I can expand this page with links and articles that will be of interest to all UK divers. Email the webmaster with you contributions.