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The Suunto Vyper on "that" Dorothea Dive
By Keith Lawrence
From information provided by Simon North-Keeling

On Sunday 27th February 2000, Simon went diving with a group of UKRS divers in Dorothea, he was using a Suunto Vyper computer which gave an astonishing amount of deco time when compared with other algorithms and computers. On reaching the stop depth some 17 minutes of mandatory stops were showing. There was much discussion about this on UKRS and some follow ups on SCUBA-UK.

Simon has very kindly provided screen shots of the Suunto download and the actual download data from the dive computer.

The screen shots follow -

profile.gif (97590 bytes)

Here is the actual log file zipped, it's in Suunto Dive Log (.sdl) format - (92KB). To read this log you need the Suunto Dive Manager, this is just over 2MB and is available for download from the Suunto site.

© Keith Lawrence & Simon North-Keeling (March 2000)