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Harness Rigging

A few quick pictures of different harness configurations...

Just to show that there is more than one way to do things a few of the regulars present their harness rigs to show people that just because you aren't DIR, you're not going to die...

 Keith Lawrence's Harness
 More information on how to rig a harness can be found in Keith's Harness HOWTO
Full_Harness.jpg (80865 bytes) Harness_Back.jpg (84349 bytes) Harness_Twist.jpg (44456 bytes) Clip_open.jpg (56063 bytes)
Complete harness with additional extension clip. Back view of the partly completed harness. Threading one side, note the twist in the webbing to get it to sit correctly when donned Detail of the extension clip - opened.


 Alasdair Allan's Harness
Harness Front 69k Harness Open 90k Webbing Twist 89k Harness Back 69k
Complete harness showing crossed straps, clip and pivot rings. View with waistbelt in open, note the twist in webbing. Close up view of the twist in the webbing. Back view showing the harness crossed over the shoulders, and buckles to stop slippage at the waist.